Thursday, January 28, 2021

The challenges in mining and resources sectors

Through Feedback Works, our Alliance employee engagement member, we have access to extensive experience in the mining and resources environment.

Understanding the impact of leaders in challenging industries

An emerging Lithium Operation wanted to integrate its values and its operating principles into a customised 360-degree feedback assessment for its leaders: from Executive Team to Superintendents. 

We designed a process that enabled leaders to understand how they were seen by their colleagues in behavioural terms and the extent to which these were aligned to the direction that the business wished to go. The alignment of people and processes is (and was) key to the need to differentiate the organization from other mining and processing companies and achieve critical outcomes. 

Leaders were able to understand their impact and adjust where required to provide the leadership needed at a foundational stage of the company’s development. 

Helped a gold producer with a regular annual cycle of employee surveys to check in with their workforce, maintain positive practices and respond proactively to feedback from their people.  In a true partnership model, the internal Capability and Culture team is able to target key aspects of the culture and employee experience with customised surveys, whilst retaining a core question set to track fundamental aspects of engagement over time.

A gold producer needed a bespoke employee engagement survey and customised reports for their corporate and operational workforces, providing insights into the specific needs and experiences of each group across their business.  

We ensured continuity in our survey by incorporating into the process data from previous surveys, whilst increasing their choices and ensuring relevance to the specific needs of their workforce. Risk mitigation measures were rapidly introduced in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic in 2020 with a drastic affect on employee work arrangements and rosters and we were asked to respond by rapidly creating a fit-for-purpose survey to understand how the workforce was impacted by those changes and how the company could best support the workforce through company-wide and targeted initiatives.