Trust, respect and performance at work:

At People Performance Alliance, trust and respect are fundamental to people working together.

We build trust by helping Leaders understand their people’s capabilities and experiences at work.

Then, we support them to create sustainable conditions for better performance within their organisation.

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Bringing the best in workforce management to smaller enterprises:

Large organisations have the financial and other resources that enable access to the best workforce management tools, techniques, and technology: this is not so easy for smaller organisations, in particular Micro, Small and Medium businesses - the real engine for growth in most economies - and their counterparts in the public and charity sectors.

For smaller organisations, there are often barriers to the best support which make it difficult for them to get the best out of their people. Even if those barriers are not clear, knowing what to ask for and how best to get it often takes a huge amount of time and resources away from business-critical tasks. And typically, when support is obtained, it can be costly and well above what comparably larger organisations pay.

At People Performance Alliance, we believe in providing pragmatic support for our clients – outlining our services, the rationale for these, and, in simple and transparent terms, the available options. As a group of small business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of this.

Removing the barriers

Where appropriate, we are able to offer clear and fair finance options to our clients. This enables businesses to access the workforce management services they need when they need them, paying for the services as the benefits emerge – just as they would in the case of a mobile phone contract, for example, instead of having to pay for everything up-front. This ensures access to great support whilst being able to manage cashflow – the lifeblood of any Micro, Small and Medium businesses.

Supporting UK business, the UK economy, and making working lives better: Put simply, we remove the barriers that Micro, Small and Medium businesses face to achieving the best in workforce management. We are driven to support UK businesses and help them achieve better people performance. 

By helping them better understand their people and improve the way they work with them, we aim to improve the individual working lives of people by helping them reach their potential.

People Performance Alliance is the trading style of People Analytics Ltd, a joint venture between Feedback Works and AFM Solutions.