The value of the People Performance Alliance rests in the expertise of its members and key directors and senior managers who represent The Team

Robert Browton |Director

Rob is a director of the Alliance, heading up our employee engagement business and is a director and co-founder of Feedback Works. Rob is an Organisational Psychologist with extensive experience helping organisations understand their people and improve their culture.  With 20 years’ experience in employee research and organisational development, Rob brings to the People Performance Alliance a great balance of science and practicality – helping employers get the feedback from their people that will actually show the way forward.

Mike Baker |Director

Mike is a director of the Alliance and a director of AFM Solutions, heading up the finance side of its activities. Educated at the University of Westminster, Mike spent the first half of his professional life in senior management roles with major banks in the UK and abroad. Prior to AFM Solutions, he was Business Development Director for ECS UK Plc in N. Europe. Mike works with and supports AFM’s talent management division and is certified by the British Psychological Society as a combined Test User: Ability & Personality (Level A & B).

Granville Smithies |Director Of Assessment And Ai Applications

Granville studied maths at Manchester University and holds an MBA from Manchester Business School. Since the early 2000's, as a director and co-founder of AFM Solutions, Granville has been instrumental in establishing and developing the SHL, HCL and IBM relationships, leading its tender response team for psychometric assessments and, since 2020, through Streebo UK&I, offering AI and Chat Bot applications for Alliance customers. 

Alistair Aitchison |Senior Change Management Consultant

Educated at Edinburgh University (BSc Hons in Chemistry) and the BYU Marriott Business School (MBA), Alistair has over 25 years of change management experience with a wide range of clients including: Philips Healthcare, Intel, Molson Coors, Extreme Networks, Ciena, Capita, ADCO, Dubai Properties and MAF Ventures. Currently, director and co-founder of Emenex, Alistair has for many years supported organisations in the successful achievement of strategic change initiatives through delivering customised change management solutions.

David Evans |Senior Change Management Consultant

Following a successful career in large scale structural engineering, David works with organisations to build and sustain cultures that liberate talent and, by clearly communicating vision and values, empowers and enables individuals to become the best they can be. Currently director and co-founder of Emenex, David’s approach is that employees become increasingly engaged and aligned with their organisation’s goals and values only through meaningful work that is important to themselves, their customers and the wider society.

Jan Marsli |Senior Consultant

Jan has 20 years of experience working in global Human Resources/Management Consulting, developing and delivering effective people feedback, analytics and development programs across Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America. He has consulted with a range of Fortune 500 companies across the world, working for Willis-Towers-Watson, Korn Ferry Hay Group and IBM and is currently a senior consultant with Feedback Works.

Caroline Brown |Employee Engagement Consultant

Caroline has in-house and consultancy experience gained in both the public and private sector. She is an Occupational Psychologist who has led successful high profile projects in organisational and employee life cycle research, employee engagement, and employee selection & development engagement, conducting award-winning research in this field. Caroline is a senior consultant with Feedback Works.

Carolyn Waters |Assessments Specialist

Carolyn is a Goldsmith's BSc (Hons) Psychology graduate and, after spending her early working years as a PA in a wide variety of organisations, later moved into mental health and psychology-based roles. Carolyn is certified by the British Psychological Society as a combined Test User: Ability & Personality and manages AFM Solutions’ assessments platform and products.

Colm Hyland |Change And Continuous Improvement Specialist - Ireland

Colm read geography at Queen's University, Belfast and, with CIPD qualifications throughout his time as an HR professional, represents the Alliance in Ireland. Colm has many years’ experience in multinationals and across broad industry sectors and has a proven track record of working effectively with and influencing Business Owners and Senior Management. As founder and director of CJH Networks, Colm utilises his interpersonal and communication skills and ability to develop strong professional relationships. Colm, like all Alliance members, is committed to contributing to the long-term growth and performance of organisations.

Matt O’Sullivan |Senior Consultant - Ireland

Matt graduated from University of Brunswick and later received his MBA from University of Newfoundland. Matt is part of CJH Networks, an Alliance member, and is an experienced employee engagement consultant versed in psychometric assessments, analytics, competency frameworks and the full range of talent management solutions. He has over 15 years of consulting experience and has worked across many industries (e.g., automotive, banking, FMCG, real estate, government, insurance, telecommunications and defence sectors) in EMEA having led a wide range of projects from skill framework development to senior manager promotions in the private and public sectors.