Thursday, January 28, 2021

Employee feedback Case Studies

Our Alliance can demonstrate a wide range of Employee Survey and Feedback projects. Here are just a couple

35 Tailored Executive Feedback Sessions for global FMCG business

In this instance, Feedback Works helped the senior management team in a global FMCG company achieve a better and deeper understanding of the feedback from all of their colleagues around the world.

With a hands-on approach, 35 tailored executive feedback sessions were presented to all global leaders  - including the company's CEO and team - helping to inform strategy for the future. 

Survey and feedback training for well known UK Brand

Early in 2020, our Alliance member Feedback Works was contracted by an iconic UK brand to help them understand their employee experience as they were (and are continuing to) manage the unprecedented times we all experienced at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Part of the exercise related to the future growth and direction of the organisation and, to enable the level of insight needed, we built a questionnaire focused on delivering their strategy for the future. To this we added training that enabled their HR Business Partners to build feedback capability to the business to make real change possible.