Monday, February 15, 2021

Spread the cost of HR projects

Since 2001, HR departments in both the public and private sector have turned to us to remove budget and cash barriers to better people performance.

We are here to help fund HR schemes when budget and cash are a barrier

We have been funding HR departments since 2001 for 70 NHS, Local Authorities and businesses from small to very large.

Amongst our specialities is the funding of projects for HR: we spread the expense of consultancy projects, salary sacrifice schemes and all related costs, paying your suppliers immediately and allowing your organisation to pay back over time.

Employee benefits: Employee PCs, tablets and mobile devices are now indispensable for everyday needs – whether to download and store music and other media or to access social networks or to complete Tax Self Assessment on-line. They also reduce employee commuting, assist in an improvement in employee output and lead to lower carbon footprint for employers.

The HR team in this Acute NHS Trust in the Midlands asked us to pay their suppliers and settle invoices for more than £300,000 of such devices, structuring the payments over a period of 36 months based on salary sacrifice deductions agreed with the workforce and resulting in a cimpletely cash and budget neutral P&L for the Trust.

Cash and budget in the HR division is not always available, even in the largest organisations - particularly in the public sector. We can spread the cost of all HR projects across the most suitable periods.