Monday, February 15, 2021

Survey and feedback in 2 industries

A nationwide UK-based rail operator and a global robotics firm build a road map using employee feedback.

How surveys and support from our Organisational Psychologists help map the future

Rail Operators: In the UK, we helped this rail operator build their employee feedback vision, educating them in the understanding of feedback from key stakeholders, assisting them to measure the right things and gain insight from their survey data. Using the full toolkit of Feedback Works tools and processes really helped develop the plans for a successful feedback program.

Robotics: A global robotics company approched us with a need to better understand their values, culture and strategy in the context of a high growth journey. With an emphasis on leadership, we highlighted the degree of employee engagement in the organisation and helped them in identiofying and dealing with barriers to peak performance and a clear roadmap for action.